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Cruelty free vs Vegan

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Are you wondering whether there is a difference between these two terms? In short – yes, there is.

When product is cruelty-free it means that end product or during product development stages and any ingredients are not tested on animals.

Important to know, that if company is selling in China it is forced to test on animals due to state regulation in China. Thus I see it as a choice for company to stick to your values or gain more profit.

And when product is vegan it means that there are not used any ingredient which is derived from animals.

As conclusion – if product is vegan it still might be tested on animals and other way around if product is cruelty-free it still might containt ingredients derived from animals.

I will mostly concentrate on cruelty free and vegan products, it must meet at least these two criterias before I will buy and test it.


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