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Why should I choose cruelty free products?

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Worldwide, billions of innocent of animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice suffer from laboratory testing procedures. The tests are conducted to find out whether any of the ingredients or the product itself is unsafe for use by humans. Animal rights activists from all parts of the world strongly oppose these testing operations. Because of their efforts, these operations are now banned in countries like Israel, Norway, India, all EU(including UK)



However, in countries like China, where beauty market is a $32 billion industry, it is still compulsory to test all the makeup products as well as makeup accessories like brushes and applicators before selling them in the market. It is believed that more than 100 million animals are killed during these testing operations in China. In many other cases, the animals are permanently blinded, poisoned or crippled because of the allergic reactions caused by the chemicals which most of these cosmetics have.

Thus we can conclude, if company is claiming that they do not test on animals, but they still sell their products in China, then it is considered as lie, because according to governmental rules they have to do so.

For example, L’Oreal claims that they do not do any animal testing, but they still sell in China. I see it as a choice, either you go for a profit in Chinese market or you stick to your values and do not test on animals.

It is astonishing that more than 90 percent of the products that pass animal testing procedures fail at the clinical trials where they are tested on humans. In order to get the approval of the health department, each product or makeup accessory has to undergo at least 50 experiments that require more than 12,000 animals. Most of the tests are conducted by rubbing harmful chemicals on the skins of the animals. Some tests are done by force feeding the animals with lethal doses of the chemicals to determine what amount of the product will cause serious health issues in humans.

I have listed two main reasons why should we consider choosing cruelty-free products.

  1. My gain is not worth an animal’s pain

Are you sure that your comfort and beauty is worth of somebody’s pain? Have you seen how those poor animals suffer for lipstick or hair-spray? I think it is wrong to do so, because I want to have great lipstick.

If you have not seen then follow this link –


  1. Having an animal (dog or cat) yourself changes your view.

Would you be able to test your new lipstick on your dog just to be sure it will be nice on you? Then what is the difference between your dog and poor laboratory rabbit?

There are large companies that continue to use animal testing. Here’s a list of the largest and most well-known:

  • L`orèal
  • Max Factor
  • Ponds
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Dial




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