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Are you sure that you are not cheated?

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Remember my last blog post where I wrote how many animals are innocently dying and dying without any purpose, then let’s discuss today how to avoid being cruel.

Many producers of beauty products are writing that their product is not tested on animals and that the company is against animal testing, but how true is that and how much you can trust these statements?

I wish it would be so easy to see as those labels as on cigarette packages. So it would be easy to see the good and the bad guys.

The main issue is that many companies put many nice labels on their product packages. For example such as these:


Looks nice, right? But the reality is that it just nice marketing trick, because nobody checks these companies whether it is like that as they claim. There is similar a topic about how much you can trust those labels on products about how organic the product is, but this topic I will leave for another time, it was more to show you the problem.

That is why it is important to know how labels of products which are certified look and which labels we can trust and find more easily those companies which values of not testing their products on animals are compliant with their statements on the product.

So what kind of label I have to look after?

Leaping bunny logo

That would be the easiest way to identify whether product is tested on animals. Please remember that in my blog I wrote that there is a difference between not tested on animals and not used any animal derived ingredient.

Then probably you got a question – why companies are not putting this label on their products? The reason is that companies are obligated to pay license fee for using this label. Meaning that company at first has to meet all regulation of being labeled as cruelty-free company before it can apply for this label and since many companies are not being certified they just put the deceiving label on their product. Advantage of leaping bunny is that they are as independent organization in the middle between you as customer and beauty product producer and thus producer has less ability to mislead you.

What to do if I want to buy product on internet and I have no access to product package to check labels on it?

No worries! There is also a way out of it.

You can on the internet check how cruelty free is the brand by using these databases.

 Leaping Bunny
 Choose Cruelty Free
 Beauty Without Bunnies

Another way how to check it is to email or contact the company yourself by asking them about their policy with regards to testing on animals. This method is the best when you are clear what you want to know and to be sure that all your questions are answered. The problem with this method is that if you have limited knowledge about how testing on animals is conducted and the fact that in some countries it is still required by law (China) then company might mislead you with their answer.

Concluding, be careful believing everything what companies have on their packages. Do not believe such statements as “no animal ingredients” or “cruelty-free” if they are not based on facts which are black on white.

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