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Vegan and Cruelty-free Beauty Box by

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It would be great to try new products before you invest in full size products, that you could avoid the disappointment  - then this vegan beauty box is a great way to discover and try new cruelty-free, vegan, natural and organic brands with this first vegan friendly skincare and haircare subscription box in Denmark.

In every vegan beauty box you will find from 3-5 vegan, cruelty free and natural products in sample or travel size. We will include some very well know and famous brands and also some not yet recognized brands, but which deserve the spotlight. It is send out every second month.

When we are choosing new products and brands to include brand in our vegan beauty box we consider the ingredients and values of specific brand - check out our  NEVER list.

The value of box is always double of what you have paid or even more and we will reveal the content of box when the month has approached, but it will remain a secret untill the vegan beauty box has reached your door. 

All products included in the vegan beauty box will be available for purchase at full size in our webshop. 

All plans are calculated without shipping and it is not a binding as a subscription (meaning that it has to be repurchased every month)... It is better to choose for 3 months, then you pay for delivery only once. :)

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